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A way forward!

 Study-support and fellowship!
The project "a way forward" is for you who have, or are at risk of developing, mental health problems and need support to pursue your studies.
Here at Fountain house we provide a place for you to study.  The house is open Monday, Tuesday  and Thursdays  9 am-4 pm, Wednesday 9 am-7 pm, Friday 9am - 3 pm and Sundays 11 am-2 pm. Maybe you will spend time at home or at the University for studying as well as you will study here. Here at Fountain house we spend time together over lunch at 12,  (sign up before 10am). Here are many possibilities to hang out with others over a cup of coffee - something that might help you relax in between the studies and help you to stay focused. Together with a coach at the Fountain house, you can set up short-term goals for the week and long-term goals for the semester. When we are planning realistic goals, that we experience that we can manage, our self-esteem grows. You get the opportunity to meet your coach continuously and talk about the development in your studies.
We also offer social activities, networking events and other opportunities for fellowship. Together we build this project and you all are invited to participate in shaping how it will evolve!
The project's goal is to give you tools to pursue your studies and have the opportunity to develop your social network. A student project for better health, increased self-esteem and quality of life.