International students

A way forward!

”A guiding star and support in studies as well as contact with authorities that enable my opportunities for studies.”

“A future, community. Tutorial.”

“A way to succeed in completing my education. I think the tutorial has been great. ”

”Support around structure, planning to sort out when something becomes a problem, practical resource study peace, community & exchange of experiences”

Calender, opening hours, location

Regular opening hours:
Mondays: 8: 30-16
Tuesdays: 8: 30-16
Wednesdays 8: 30-19 (to 18 during the semesters)
Thursdays 8: 30-16
Fridays: 8: 30-16

We have just moved and are now located on Magle Stora kyrkogata 5 in Lund. The study unit can be found on the second floor, the first room on the right. Enter the back of the house through the entrance on the right.

This calendar updates every Monday at 10 am and are accurate for a week ahead, until next Monday at 10 am.

Why we exist and what we do

We are aware that Lund has a large number of students suffering from isolation, strained economy, unfinished education and low self-esteem. “A Way Forward” is directed to university students that have, or are at risk of developing mental health issues. To promote completed studies, a larger social network and a higher quality of life, we offer:

  • Support and work space for students
  • Several opportunities to study in group every week
  • Individual coaching and supported education
  • Lectures and workshops that promote mental and physical wellness and personal development
  • Network meetings and social activities with other students

A space for studying & community

A nice and supportive space for studying that is open every weekday and is there to help you find structure. We have several “study groups” every week, both on our online platform and IRL at the Fountain House.

Individual support

We offer supported education where you together with your own student coach can set up short-term goals for the week and also make a more extensive study plan for the semester. You get the opportunity to meet your coach continuously and talk about your studies and everyday life.

We also offers coaching and support concerning seeking, finding and keeping jobs. 

Social activities

Social activities are arranged, both at the Fountain House and in contexts outside of the Fountain House. All of the activities are free and voluntary. We offer you a range of opportunities and choices.

Network Meetings and groups

We provide lectures, workshops and groups related to: studies, work life, health and wellness and invite interesting guests that lecture on these subjects. We work to promote social networking, wellness and increased self-esteem for members.


We believe that it is important to take care of both body and mind. That is why we offer training in several different forms every week. Feel free to check out the calendar on our webpage.

What is Fountain House Lund?

Fountain House Lund is a supportive community for people with varieties of mental health issues. We are operating from the fundamental values of Club House International, and are religiously and politically unbound. The Club House model is holistic, inclusive and democratic, accordingly it is based on participation and considers participants’ whole life situation.

A day at Fountain House Lund is work and study-oriented. You come here on your own terms and we value your individual capacity. At the house people study or work, take part in discussions and fika breaks, also lunch is served at 12 pm (30 SEK for members). Daily meetings where you can plan your work or studies together with other members and the coaches are held at 9:15 am and 1 pm. The Fountain House is open  every workday  and members and coaches work side by side.


If you want to know more about the Fountainhouse or become a member of our study unit. Do not hesitate to contact us for a first new visit.


Helga Asgeirsdottir
Telephone: 073-5350970
Work hours: Even numbered weeks: Tues 9-16, Thurs 9-16, Fri 9-15
Odd numbered weeks: Tues-thurs 9-16, Fri 9-15

Stina Holmberg
Telephone: 0793-407866
Work hours: Monday-Thursday: 9-16, Friday: 9-15

Anne Schildt
Telephone: 076-3246503
Work hours: Monday-Thursday: 9-16, Friday: 9-15



Lunds Fontänhus
Kävlingevägen 15
222 40 Lund
Telefon: 046-120195
Orgnr: 802456-4893

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