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Other things going on

➢ CLUB HOUSE MEETING: first Wednesday every month at 2:00 pm!  A  great opportunity to make a difference.
➢ Daily meetings:  Take a chance  and come by the house at 9:15am , 13:00pm and Monday’s at 8:20 am for our weekly planning meetings. Get an eye on what's happening in the house and join us for something that is inspirational.
➢ After Work Hangout! We serve the best coffee at fountain house from 14:00pm on Friday’s. Join us and end the working week with pride and dignity.

➢ On Fridays, Johan and friends leave the house at 14:30 to go play badminton at Victoriastadion
➢ Create a good working environment: Join us cleaning the student rooms.
➢ Do not miss the Famous Sunday brunch. Every Sunday 11-14.
➢ New opening hours on Thursday for studies and individual work. We are open until 18:00pm! Sign up for Pomodoro with Jamie by emailing

Eat at Fountain House!